Sound on Sound

“Stories From The Ground is characterised by extremely proficient musicianship and clever arrangements (it’s all quite ‘technical’, if you like), and it’s also very well recorded. The guitars, in particular, have a most satisfying ‘bite’ to them that helps give the album a surprisingly ‘heavy’ edge. The lead vocals are impressive too, ditto the drum and percussion parts. A fine record indeed.”

Sam Kelly

“Josh is a hugely talented producer, he has a very wide range of skills and puts them into practice with great effect. He’s very easy to work with and always has the best interests of the music at heart. He’s at home working in any genre, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody.”

Tanya Britain – The Changing Room

“When you need the record remotely it’s essential to work with a recording engineer that can deliver sonic quality and professional service. We’ll definitely be using Franklin Recording again.”